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Eat, Sleep, Dance!

Our mission is to develop young dancers physically, mentally, and artistically, in a friendly, nurturing, and professional environment.  Whether you have a preschooler who is entering her first classroom experience, or a dedicated teen looking to compete or even become a professional, we have a place for you at The Rohanna Movement.

From the moment a dancer steps foot into the studio, we want them to have a positive experience, to feel special, and to believe in themselves.  To achieve these goals, we present appropriate music, technique, discipline, and costuming for each student.  We hope this positive foundation will help each dancer build a lifetime of self-confidence, strength and poise. We strive for our students to grow individually and together as a dance family. Our students not only grown in their dance ability but have gained the skills and confidence to flourish in their daily activities as well due to the coordination and flexibility they acquired though dance.   All have grown by gaining the time management skills, self-confidence, and grace of a dancer.  We are so proud of their accomplishments!

Our studio is open year-round, and we offer a wide variety of subjects for beginners through advanced dancers, ages 2 ½ through adults.  While most classes run between late August through our June recitals, we do offer many opportunities for dancers to continue their dance education in the summer months.  These include camps, workshops, performances, and private lessons.  We love what we do!

Please feel free to drop by for a visit and/or a complimentary class! Give us a call at 304.292.6683 to receive further details.